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Classes take place between Wednesday evening April 5th and Tuesday April 11th. We offer the main 4-day package based on each participant's level Friday through Monday, but we also have a large number of individual master classes throughout the festival, that can be added to your schedule.

    Main Schedule Packages (April 7th-10th)

      Friday through Monday we offer the main package which is a fixed schedule of 14 classes + morning warm up (Beginners have 11 classes + morning warm up). You simply choose your level/track when registering to enroll in the full 4-day package. Please read the level descriptions before selecting level/track and be aware that some levels have two different tracks to choose from (they are the same level, just split into 2 groups because of the number of students).

      Morning Theme Classes (included in the Main Schedule package)

      All students registered for a Main Schedule package are to pick one of the many themed classes given each morning, Friday through Monday. These themed classes will be a mix of tap and non-tap classes suitable for a range of levels. You will be able to select the morning classes you want when you first arrive at the festival check-in.

      Individual Master Classes

      Master Classes are offered each evening, and all day on both Thursday April 6th and Tuesday April 11th. The master classes are additional to the main schedule package and are selected when registering for the festival. It will also be possible to add master classes after regirstering by contacting us, as long as the classes are not already sold out.

      Level Descriptions

      Please read the level descriptions for help to select the correct class level!

      All schedules are subject to change.