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March 29th- April 1st we offer fixed 4-day Main Schedule packages. In addition to that there is also a large number of individual Master Classes throughout the whole festival period, March 27th - April 2nd. The Master Classes are not part of  the Main Schedule package, but you can add any of these as you like. We also offer free classes for kids & youth!

Please read the level descriptions for help selecting the correct class level!

    Main Schedule Packages,  March 29th - April 1st

      Friday through Monday we offer the main package which is a fixed schedule of 10 regular classes + 4 morning theme classes & morning warm-up (Beginners have 7 + 4 classes & the warm-up). When you register you simply choose the level/group that you want to join for the 4-day package. Detailed schedule coming soon!

      Morning Theme Classes (included in the Main Schedule package)

      All students registered for a Main Schedule package are to pick one themed class you wish to take each morning. These classes are a mix of tap and non-tap classes, for different levels. You will be able to sign up for the classes you want when you first check-in at the festival reception. Detailed schedule coming soon!

      Individual Master Classes

      Master Classes are separate and offered outside of the main schedule. You can add master classes to your registration as an addition to your main schedule classes. It is also possible to add master classes after registering by emailing us, as long as the classes are not already sold out. If sold out, you can contact us about being added to the waiting list. Detailed schedule coming soon!

      FREE kids/youth classes, March 29th - April 1st

      We are excited to offer free classes for kids and teens during the festival this year! There will be two groups based on age and each group has one class per day. Classes are separate and you can choose to come any day or all days as you want. At Kulturama in Hammarby Sjöstad.

      Tap Kids - ages 8 to 12 years old

      Each day, Friday-Monday, at 13.00-14.00

      Tap Youth -  ages 13 and up

      Each day, Friday-Monday, at 13.00-14.00

      Please email Andrew to register for the kids or youth classes and include the student's name, age, and which days you would like to attend.

      We have some tap shoes that can be borrowed, but mostly adult sizes. If you have, bring shoes with a leather or plastic sole, but if not, any clean indoor shoe will be fine.

      All schedules are subject to change.

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      photo from the STF 2014 Student Show