Level Descriptions

We know it can be hard finding the right level so we offer the following descriptions as a guide, and don't hesitate to contact us if you feel the need. Being an international festival with students from all over the world, levels at STF are usually higher than at your local dance studio. In general, it takes at least a couple of years of regular tap training before moving on to the next level.

Whatever level you are considering, please read the level descriptions and carefully select the appropriate group.

There has been some issues in previous years with students signing up for higher levels than their ability which results in the whole class being slowed down. Our main concerns are that those taking the correct level may otherwise not receive the appropriate training  if the instructures have to slow down, as well as a lack of training for those struggling too much to keep up with the class. The teachers will be instructed to maintain the assigned level for each group, rather than adjusting for dancers that have signed up for the wrong level. We want the teachers, fellow students and YOU to have the best time possible and get the most out of the classes :-)

We do offer the possibility to change level/track through the first day of the Main Schedule. Changes will only be made where groups are not already full.

NOTE 1: Some levels have two separate tracks named by color. The level of these two tracks is exactly the same.

NOTE 2:  The Repertoire Track is for levels 5 & 6

Beginner (Level 1)
This group is for newcomers who want to start tap dancing and also for those of you who have done a little bit of tap dance before but still are learning the basics. Tap shoes are recommended, but it also works fine with most shoes with hard leather soles.

Advanced Beginner (Level 2)
You have been tap dancing for a couple of years and are comfortable with simple shuffle, flap and paddle combinations.

Intermediate (Level 3)
You have a solid vocabulary of steps and can execute different time step variations in various tempos. Improvisation is not new to you and you have a basic understanding of music and how to use it in your dance.

Advanced Intermediate (Level 4)
Your technique, basics, jumps should be at the level where you can use different rhythmical variations and steps with ease, and you can quickly learn new material and techniques. You are used to improvisation and can make clear musical choices like phrasing, dynamics, setting grooves, etc.

Advanced (Level 5)
At this level, self-criticism may be your strongest asset. If you with good conscience can admit that you without a problem have surpassed the above level descriptions and need that little extra something to reach total perfection, this is the level for you. Improvisation comes with ease, in various tempos and musical styles.

Professional (Level 6)
The professional track is set at a very high level, appropriate for professional tap dancers with the highest level of experience and competence. In this level you very quickly learn and understand new movements and musical concepts, but even more so, also can use all your skills to develop your own artistic ideas. Improvisation is like breathing, and you do it with ease in any tempo and musical style.