A big part of STF is socializing and hanging out with other dancers, jamming & sharing. We have faculty tap talk, movie showings & history lectures, to listen and learn from the older more experienced dancers and get a better knowledge of our art form.

There's also a lot of other fun stuff like the All Style Battle, performances, Cutting Contest, and the Faculty Showcase Gala, and everything is open for anyone who wants to enjoy dance and live music so invite all friends and family!!

NOTE!! Some of the information below is from a previous year for an example of the event format and schedule. More precise details will be posted in time.

Wednesday, April 13th        Sneak Peek

18.15-21.30    Master Classes

21.00-22.45    Tap Jam, free entrance!                                               

STF check-in is open Wednesday 17.00 - 22.00

Thursday, April 14th     STF Welcome & Live Music Jam

Welcome to the first evening kicking off STF 2020! Come dance in or just enjoy the live music jam, with jazz/funk trio playing some groovy music! Intermission with welcome ceremony and presentation of the main faculty.

11.00-21.15   Master Classes

21.00              Live Music Jam     

22.00              Intermission

Entrance fee:  ---- SEK (---- SEK under 18). Free with a Main Schedule wristband

STF check-in is open Thursday 10.00-22.00

Friday, April 15th    Tap Talk & Cutting Contest

Come and see the tap dancers battling it out, or join in and challenge yourself and your fellow students to be the 2020 Champion!

Prizes Adv/Pro division:

      1st Place: to be decided

      2nd Place: to be decided 

Prizes Amateur division:

      1st Place: to be decided

      2nd Place: to be decided 

19.30-21.00   Master Classes

20.00-20.45   Free tap taster class

20.00-21.30   Panel talk with the main faculty      

21.30-             Tap Cutting Contest               

Entrance fee: ---- SEK (---- SEK). Free with a Main Schedule wristband

Saturday, April 16th     Klubb STF - All Style Battle

The STF All Style Battle is back! As usual, we welcome ALL dance styles to the battle. Come out and compete or just hang for a night with amazing dancers and crazy energy!  1st place takes home cash prize!!

There will also be tap stuff happening during the evening; master classes, movie night and jam.

Battle MC: 

At the turntables:


ANY STYLE GOES tap, breaking, popping, locking, hip-hop, jazz, modern, house, waacking, voguing, modern, ballet, charleston, whatever you got! Be on time if you want to compete. (all times after qualification round are approximate)

18.45-19.30   Free tap taster

19.00              Klubb STF doors open                                           

19.30              Qualification Round:  1 solo by each dancer

21.00              Eighth-Finals: 16 dancers selected for 1v1 battles, 1 solo each

21.30              Quarter-Finals: 8 dancers selected for 1v1 battles, 1 solo each

21.45              Tap demo with our STF faculty

22.00              Semi-Finals: 4 dancers selected for 1v1 battles, 2 solos each

22.15              Judges solos

22.30              Finals: 2 dancers selected for final 1v1 battle, 2 solos each


19.30-21.00   Master Classes

21.00-22.30   STF Cinema: Tap footage

22.30-             Tap Jam

Entrance fee: ---- SEK (---- SEK). Free with a Main Schedule wristband


Sunday, April 17th     STF Faculty Showcase Gala

Welcome to the STF 2020 Professional Showcase Gala!! A sparkling gala show

featuring our amazing artists on the faculty together with a live band!

Afterparty in the theater bar.

    14.00-16.30   Master Classes

    20:00              Gala at SCALA-TEATERN

      Tickets for the Gala can only be purchased through the theater, either online

      or at their box office. Any questions about tickets or the booking procedure

      are handled by them, not STF.

        Take the metro to "Hötorget", take exit "Olof Palmes Gata" and then the left exit to

        street level. Walk 5 min on Olof Palmes Gata and when you reach the park/square

        go right and you'll have the theater on the left street 200 meters ahead.

        Street address: Wallingatan 32, 111 24 Stockholm

        Monday, April 18th     Cabaret Dinner & Closing Party!

        Last evening of the festival :-(  But we go out with a bang with a Goodbye Dinner and the STF Student Cabaret Show! Perfomances by the Repertoire Group and anyone else who wants to join. If you have some special amazing skill, can be dancing, singing, juggling or whatever, this is your chance to share it!  Apply by email to Jonas

        19.00-20.30    Master Classes

        20.00               Goodbye Dinner  (continues during the beginning of the Cabaret)

        21.00               STF Cabaret / Student Show

        22:30               Closing Theme Party

        Entrance fee: ---- SEK, must be pre-bought.  Free with a Main Schedule wristband

        Goodbye Dinner: ---- SEK, must be pre-ordered. (includes all evening)

        NOTE 1: Minimum 18 years old to attend the party.

        NOTE 2: No tickets at the door.

        Everything is subject to change.