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An important part of STF is the time outside the dance studio, socializing and sharing with other dancers from all around the world. We offer many different activities like the All Style Battle, Live Music Jam, performances, Cutting Contest, and the Faculty Gala. There is also a faculty tap talk, movie showings & history lectures, where you get a chance to hear from the more experienced dancers and get a better knowledge of our art form. Events are open for anyone who wants to enjoy dance and live music, both as participants and spectators, invite all friends and family!

PRELIMINARY SCHEDEULE,   subject to change

Wednesday, March 27th    Grand Opening - Show with Dorrance Dance

14.30 - 17.30    Musicality Workshop with Sarah Reich and live musician

20.00                 Opening Show at.... Info coming soon.

                           After show hang out location to be announced!

Thursday, March 28th Faculty Tap Talk & STF Cutting Contest

Welcome to the STF Cutting Contest, where tap dancers battle to be the 2024 champion! Join in and challenge yourself and your fellow students, or sit back and enjoy the ride.

Prizes Adv/Pro division:

1st Place: A pair of tap shoes

2nd Place: to be decided

Prizes Amateur division:

1st Place: A pair of tap shoes

2nd Place: to be decided

11.00 - 21.15   Master Classes

19.00 - 19.45   Free tap taster class

20.00                Panel talk with the main faculty

21.30                Tap Cutting Contest, hosted by

The venue is open until 01.30

Entrance, at the door: 150 SEK (student/youth 100 SEK) Cash or Swish

Free with a Main Schedule wristband

Friday, March 29th   Live Music Jam - Student Show #1 & STF Cinema

Welcome to the jam night! Hang out and enjoy the music or sit in and join the jam! Host for the evening is XX and we have some of the finest musicians in town playing with us! There's piano and drums if you play that, or bring any other instrument you play. And shoes. bring shoes.

Also this evening, we have the first of two students shows. We offer participants the chance to showcase their own tap dance work! Please send some info about you and the piece you'd like to share to Jonas. Attach mp3 with your music, and if you have, video of a previuos performance, thank you.

20.00 - 20.45    Free tap taster class

20.45 - 21.45    Student Show #1

21.00                 STF Cinema: Tap footage, films & documentaries.

22.00                 Live Music Jam  

The venue is open until 01.30

Entrance, at the door: 150 SEK (student/youth 100 SEK) Cash or Swish

Free with a Main Schedule wristband

Saturday, March 30th       All Style Battle  +  STF Cinema

As always, we welcome ALL dance styles to this battle, anything goes! Tap, breaking, popping, locking, hip-hop, jazz, modern, house, waacking, voguing, modern, ballet, charleston, bring whatever you got.

Come out and compete or just hang out clubbing with amazing dancers and crazy energy!  1st place takes home 2000kr!

There will also be tap stuff happening during the evening; master classes, film screenings and jam, see below.

Battle emcee: XX

At the turntables: XX

Judges: XX

Be on time if you want to compete! (all times after the qualification round are approximate)

19.00                  Klubb STF doors open                                           

19.30                 Qualification Round:  1 solo by each dancer

21.00                 Eighth-Finals: 16 dancers selected for 1v1 battles, 1 solo each

21.30                 Quarter-Finals: 8 dancers selected for 1v1 battles, 1 solo each

21.45                 Tap demo with the STF faculty

22.00                 Semi-Finals: 4 dancers selected for 1v1 battles, 2 solos each

22.15                 Judges solos

22.30                 Finals: 2 dancers selected for final 1v1 battle, 2 solos each


18.45 - 19.30   Free tap taster class STUDIO 151

19.30 - 21.00   Master Classes

20.00  -             STF Cinema: STUDIO 150

20.00  -             Tap Jam, studio space for anyone who wanna jam.

The venue is open until 01.30

Entrance, at the door: 150 SEK (student/youth 100 SEK) Cash or Swish

Free with a Main Schedule wristband

Sunday, March 31st     STF 2024 Faculty Showcase Gala

STF presents some of the world's best tap dancers in this gala performance with swinging live music, pulsating rhythms and powerful dance! Welcome to the STF 2024 Professional Showcase Gala!

Among our tap artists are several Bessie Award winners and many have performed on Broadway and venues such as Carnegie Hall, Sadlers Wells, Lincoln Center, The Joyce Theater.

Musicians: To be announced

    14.00 - 17.45   Master Classes

    20:00                Gala at.... Info coming soon!

                              after party

      Tickets for the Gala can only be purchased through the theater, either online or at their box office. Any questions about tickets or the booking procedure are handled by them, not STF.


      Monday, April 1st   Goodbye Dinner - Student Show #2 - Closing Party

      Last evening of the festival :-(  But we go out with a bang! Enjoy the Goodbye Dinner, watch the Student Show with performance by the Repertoire Track, and then go crazy at the Theme Party!

      You can even join the show and share your special amazing talents... can be dancing, singing, juggling or whatever. There are mics, piano and drums. Apply by email to Jonas and include some info about you and the act. Great if you if you have video of a previuos performance, and if you use recorded music please attach .mp3, thank you.

      After the show we have a theme party, theme announced soon. Dress to impress and best costume wins a pair of tap shoes!!

      17.30-19.00     Master Classes

      18.00-20.30    Goodbye Dinner

      20.30               Student Show #2

      22.00               Party all night long!!  (or at least to 03.30 when venue closes)

      Goodbye Dinner: 200 SEK, must be pre-ordered by Friday March 29th.

      Show & Party: Included with Main Schedule wristband.

      NOTE: the Theme Party is only for registered festival participants and the minimum age to attend is 18 years old.  Bring photo ID.

      Everything is subject to change.