Stockholm is not a big city so it will be fairly easy to get to the festival venue from any part of the city.

    Motel L discount for STF participants

    We recommend Motel L (Motel L website) for festival participants because it is just a couple blocks away from our main venue and they are offering a discount for STF participants. You can book a double room (up to 2 people) for 890 SEK per night, including breakfast and VAT. Do not wait too long before you book your room. The hotel has blocked a number of rooms that are only available to our group, but half will be released to the public on February 5th and the rest on March 5th. You have to use the following link for our event discount.

    Motel L discount booking link

    If you want to share a room and save some money, try connecting with other festival participants in the STF Facebook group.

    STF Free Housing

      We're offering floor space at Flamenco Center for those that are not able to rent a hotel or hostel. There are toilets, shower, but no beds. Bring sleeping gear. The free housing is available for 7 nights, access from afternoon April 5th to morning April 12th. It’s a dance studio with some classes and stuff happening also during the festival period, and the access we get is mostly night time for sleeping. You can of course keep your stuff there but it has to be stowed away in the morning. With public transportation it takes about 30-35 minutes door-to-door to get the festival venue. Street Address: Torsgatan 8a, 111 23 Stockholm.

      Your festival registration must be confirmed and paid in order to reserve a spot in the free housing. There's a very limited number of spots so please respect that this option is for those who otherwise wouldn't afford to come to STF.

      Another option is to try and find a fellow dancer who can host guests during the festival. You can for example ask in the FaceBook group Stockholm Tap Jam

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