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Location / Venue

All festival activities (except the Faculty Gala and Tuesday master classes) take place at KULTURAMA Hammarby Sjöstad in the south part of the city. It’s a spacious venue that ordinarily houses dance/musical programs and many other art educations. In the ground floor foyer we have our hang out area with the STF Reception & Café, and that is where you check in when arriving. Street address: Virkesvägen 21, 120 30 Stockholm 

- Faculty Gala is at SCALA-TEATERN, Wallingatan 32, 111 24 Stockholm

- Tuesday master classes is at STUDIO 8, Torsgatan 8a, 111 23 Stockholm

How to get to the venue:

From Arlanda Airport, Bromma Airport or Skavsta Airport
All three airports have direct buses taking you to Stockholm Central: Airport Buses; Arlanda, Bromma & Skavsta. From Arlanda there's also a fast direct train to Stockholm Central: Arlanda Express. Taxis are of course always available directly outside all airports, but that will be the more expensive option if not traveling in a group.

With public transportation
Enter your departing location within Stockholm county to view schedules for traveling to "Luma" Online journey planner.

It's the same stop "Luma" whether you take the tram or a bus. Getting off, walk through the buildings on the opposite side of the square and then you will see Kulturama to your left.

NOTE!! The metro runs all night long during STF, Thursday night through Sunday night, and bus 96 runs all night long from "Luma".


    Stockholm is not a big city so almost wherever you stay at it will be fairly easy and fast to get to the festival venue. We have arranged great festival deals with some nearby hotels. If you want to share a room and save some money, try connecting with other festival participants in the STF Facebook group.

    Use these links to get access to the discount:

    • Park Inn  -  4-star hotel - Prices incl. breakfast: 1 pers. 745 SEK;  2 pers. 845 SEK;  3 pers. 1095 SEK

                                  (7 min walk to venue)

    • Quality Globe - 4-stars - Day-by-day price, approx. 1 pers. 600 SEK;  2 pers. 690 SEK;  3 pers. 690 SEK;  4 pers. 690 SEK

                                         (20 min walk to venue, 3 tram stops)

    • Biz Apartment - 3-stars - Big rooms with fully equipped kitchen:   2 pers. 990 SEK           (30 sec. walk to venue)

                                          Email reservations@bizapartment.se with booking code #060368   

    In center of city, 5 min walk from Gala theater:

    No discount offers but close to the venue:

    STF Free Housing

      We're offering floor space at Studio 8 for those that are not able to rent a hotel or hostel. With public transportation it takes about 30-35 minuntes door-to-door to get the festival venue. There are toilets, showers, but no beds. Bring sleeping gear. The free housing is available for 6 nights, access from afternoon April 8th to morning April 14th. Your festival registration must be confirmed and paid in order to reserve a spot in the STF Housing. We have a limited number of spots, please respect that this option is for those who otherwise wouldn't afford to come to STF.

      Another option is to try and find a fellow dancer who can host guests during the festival. You can for example ask in the FaceBook group Stockholm Tap Jam

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